Revamp building Consultancy

Understanding your options to build or renovate within your budget

"The service was amazing and with a level of perfection that is second to none"


We appreciate that many people want an idea of likely costs for building works before they start spending too much money on design, so they know what their options are and what they will be able to achieve within the budget they have to spend - this is where ReVamp building consultancy comes in.

Likewise we've met many customers who are open to ideas and just want advice on what they can and can't do from a building perspective to consider their options, and know what the relative costs would be for each option.  In some cases there will be build solutions that are more cost effective than others, or possibilities a customer may not have considered, so getting a good builder in early in the process to talk through your home visions is a good idea before dishing out too much money.

This is where an initial consultation with ReVamp will come in handy.  We charge £300 +VAT (plus travel if you're not local) for a 2 hour consultation with Mac which will be followed up with a breakdown of the options discussed and approximate costs for those works.

Mac has a good idea of what can and can't be done under permitted development and what will require planning permission, and likewise will have a good idea as to what walls are structural, which way the joists are likely to go etc. which will all impact your building, extension or renovation options.  This knowledge, together with Mac's experience in reconfiguring and extending homes, means that he is well placed to discuss all the possibilities with you during a ReVamp building consultancy site visit, with their different cost implications.   This is a great place to start with your home vision, before spending too much on architectural drawings, as every change can then become costly.

Additionally, customers call upon Mac's consultancy service to view houses with them that they are thinking of buying that will likewise require building works and internal reconfigurations / renovations, so they have an idea of options and costs before proceeding with the purchase.

If you’d like to book a consultation with Mac for a site visit, advice and costings,  please get in touch.

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