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Sharing our insight, experience and tips to help everyone on their own building journeys

Revamp Home Improvements' Diaries.

Through our years building we've come across so many people embarking on their own projects, but let's face it, unless you're an experienced builder it can be quite a minefield.  We have seen countless people let down by their builders and other tradesmen, or having unforeseen costs throw a spanner in the works.  We take this to heart and really want to help everyone achieve their dream home, as seamlessly and as cost effectively as possible.  For example, check out our blog on how to check out your builder before appointing one!

We've also seen many people delighted with their builders, tradesmen and the end product, and we want this to be everyone's experience!  Our blog is intended for those embarking on their own building projects to share our knowledge, experience and insight to ensure everyone is more "in the know" and guide them through their build, in the right order, and with everything that is likely to come up along the way - the issues, solutions and decisions they'll have to make, with our own personal tips from years building (and moving!).  One of our blogs for example talks you through the stages of a build and the order in which things should happen and you'll also find a handy checklist for first fix plumbing and electrics.

Our ReVamp Diaries blog will follow both real-time case studies of building projects we're working on, as well as bring to discussion key themes surrounding all matters related to building and renovating houses, as well as interior design.   Whether you're looking for tips on choosing wallpaper, or want to understand what a good payment schedule could be with your builder, we've got it all covered!  We therefore invite you to sign up to follow our blog in the hope that it provides some clarity, suggestions and guidance to help you on your own building journey.

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