New Build Family Home, Chiswell Green

Browse photos here of this new family home ReVamp built in 2008, that also served as our own family home (on 2 separate stretches!) for several years.  This home will always hold a special place in our hearts too, as it was our first ever new build home.
I haven't got loads of photos to share with you as I wasn't great back then at taking pics, I'm a lot more trigger happy nowadays with our developments!  This home was cosy, spacious, and opened out on to pretty gardens.

We have always been a fan with our developments of putting a summer house down the end of the garden.  It's great for storage and for an extra room as an extension to the living space in the house, be it for a teen hang-out chill zone, a games room, a gym or an office.  Particularly since Covid and the new norm of hybrid working from home office, gardens rooms as office space are all the more popular.

If you're interested to know about building a summer house in your garden and what the regulations are, have a read of our blog here.

Otherwise, enjoy a browse of these photos of ReVamp's first ever new build home.  And here's one of our latest homes, built 12 years later a few doors up on the same street!